Wednesday, August 25, 2010

fancy restauant hippie town?

this gelatin was gross
i dont consider myself a food critic by any means. but i do know good flavors and appreciate different views in restaurants. on my first sunday stroll through my new neighborhood in the east village, i came across a semi fancy, cool vibe, kinda place. Vandaag's decor was a mix between a contemporary museum in Europe and an irish pub. MY kinda place. After looking at the menu i was UTTERLY confused. there were things on there that just DID not make any sense. I was expecting to see a regular brunch menu and got the total opposite (ie: hete bliksem, bitterballen, and rookworst.) After being taught the whole menu i chose an amazing dish with apple glazed potatoes and bacon. DELICIOSO. overall this little swanky place gets a B- for its cool decor and semi okay service. i just think the owner thought it was a different neighborhood when he chose the location. check it out

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