Monday, April 25, 2011

i promised. i failed.

not to make this a therapy Dr. Phil session but i failed at not making work my life. the nyc life has been consuming me like no other and i refuse to let IT win. ANYway im buying a new camera but look i have  new shots. still crappy but i'll get better that i promise. enjoy monkeys.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1st step

Shoes wearing: Ben Sherman boots

my first feature is my good friend from B-more. hope you like my amateur pics and amateur questions.

Name: Greg

Childhood dream: "i always wished my parents got back together every birthday"

Zebra or Elephant: "zebra. i love the chase"

Paper or  plastic: "paper. for obvious reasons"

Biggest nightmare: "running and not getting anywhere"

Greg is wearing:
Dorsia leather jacket
 Levis "Vintage" jean jacket
Hollister pants
BDG thermal
American Apparel scarf
Ralph Lauren boots
Old Navy canvas bag
Banana Republic gloves

Saturday, November 20, 2010

venturing and finding meaning

I made a promise to a friend today to never be content with any situation or experience. we also promised each other to continue to always be tourists in our own city. the brooklyn bridge gave us that. thompson park however gave me a different revelation. tired from a long venture (maybe an hour FYI) i saw a line of about 60 homeless people waiting to be given MAYBE an onion or various canned goods. and right then and there i was grateful. YES...... i know there are people less fortunate than myself. YES...... i know people lose loved ones everyday. and YES..... i have a great life. BUT seeing that picture made me TRY to promise myself that life will go on and that i am one fortunate BITCH. human nature is to self reflect when things go bad or when you see others with less. but i will try my hardest to remind myself each day of that.

Shoes wearing: barefoot

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i shoot moments

hiiiiiiiii. i know EVERY cool and trendy new yorker "takes" up amateur photography. this is my attempt at it. the pics are kinda grainy but hey moments are what i live for. enjoyyy lovers.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

recent inspiration

lately i've been drawn to the following things. fascinated with elephants and their texture. jewel toned green makes me jump up for joy. building sketches intrigue me. the weaving of friendship bracelets make my heart thump. legos and blocks shaped into anything make me smile. and well the black dude is just just cool taken from

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

yogurt and sandwiches

Tonight was epic on soooo many levels. No i didn't find the cure for cancer nor did I save a woman from a raging fire. All a friend and I realized was the true meaning of happiness. yes i said happiness. Its merely allowing yourself to NOT be "normal' and letting others live and breathe their own lives. I've come a long way in these short 25 years of living but i expect to never be the same person i was the day before.  because in reality who am i to tell you what to believe in or who to love. who am i to question where the fuck you've been for the past 3 days. who am i to relinquish my pain and anger on you. who am i to try to make you into the person i 'think' you should be.

in actuality who i am is john. and please trust me when i say i will never be your everyday vanilla milkshake. im the fucked up, twisted mess with gummy bears, granola bars, chocolate, caramel, and oreos in between (thanks bre). one which looks utterly disgusting at first but at least wakes you the fuck up. i will love like no one else has loved and fight like no one else has fought. but i will never apologize for who i am nor do so for my friends. WE are who were meant to be. free individuals who will make fun of you for not being true to yourself.

Shoes wearing: vintage beat up boots

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

im finally here ladies and gents

city walker
this past weekend i moved into my new place and it was not as hard as previous attempts. granted i now have no couch dining table bookcases    etc. but i love my lil matchbox and its mine all mine 
well my roomates too i guess lol!

random things.
  • I have yet to eat anything healthy since moving in
  • I like to read on my stoop and everyone in my building gives me a look
  • my roomates gf is sooooo nice
  • My family will have to stay in a hotel when they come visit eeekkkk
let the Shenanigans begin ladies 
and gents. Johnny boy is in town.