Wednesday, August 25, 2010

fancy restauant hippie town?

this gelatin was gross
i dont consider myself a food critic by any means. but i do know good flavors and appreciate different views in restaurants. on my first sunday stroll through my new neighborhood in the east village, i came across a semi fancy, cool vibe, kinda place. Vandaag's decor was a mix between a contemporary museum in Europe and an irish pub. MY kinda place. After looking at the menu i was UTTERLY confused. there were things on there that just DID not make any sense. I was expecting to see a regular brunch menu and got the total opposite (ie: hete bliksem, bitterballen, and rookworst.) After being taught the whole menu i chose an amazing dish with apple glazed potatoes and bacon. DELICIOSO. overall this little swanky place gets a B- for its cool decor and semi okay service. i just think the owner thought it was a different neighborhood when he chose the location. check it out

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

East Village here i come!

soooo guess who found an apt??? *raises hand* I am ohhh so happy to say I am now an East Village resident! home of the hippies/ppl who graduated but don't want to get a job/hipsters/cheap NYU students/ j. Cas! since I will be living in a matchbox my organization skills will be on full blast. no room for destruction here! i know im a grown up but IKEA still has my heart like a fat kid at thanksgiving dinner. so in a nutshell things about my place: my mom would disapprove, its small, no actual full size fridge, BUT its cute, affordable and I love it! Hasta luego amigos!

fried oreos anyone!

sooo i know i promised my family, friends, and who ever cares to know about my life a weekly update. Needless to say that hasn't happened, since Macy' has been consuming my life.... ohhh that thing we call a career. Anyway while my eldest sister came to visit I took her, my really good friend Kiara and of course my lil bre bre to Coney Island! Overall i came to the conclusion i wanted more fatty tasty foods..... but can we talllkkkkkkk about the deep fried oreos OMGEEEEEE. And Coney island can we tallllkkkk about those ads you have on the subway about the "new" coney island...... it painted a picture that is not TRUE! but time spent with the ppl i love trumps over everthaaaaang except  those DEEP FRIED OREOS. pure heaven!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


i like a lot of things and i share a lot of things. This is now my personal space where i can do both. i recently moved to NYC, home where dreams are made of blah blah blah. I'll try my best to take my family (only ppl who will read this) and friends (actually subscribe) on my first year journey. I'll also take lotssss of pics with my new cool hipster camera and have personal bios of my very cool friends and where their SHOES have taken them! Hold on to your panty liners kidds because it's gonna be a bumpy ride.