Saturday, November 20, 2010

venturing and finding meaning

I made a promise to a friend today to never be content with any situation or experience. we also promised each other to continue to always be tourists in our own city. the brooklyn bridge gave us that. thompson park however gave me a different revelation. tired from a long venture (maybe an hour FYI) i saw a line of about 60 homeless people waiting to be given MAYBE an onion or various canned goods. and right then and there i was grateful. YES...... i know there are people less fortunate than myself. YES...... i know people lose loved ones everyday. and YES..... i have a great life. BUT seeing that picture made me TRY to promise myself that life will go on and that i am one fortunate BITCH. human nature is to self reflect when things go bad or when you see others with less. but i will try my hardest to remind myself each day of that.

Shoes wearing: barefoot


  1. what fun! you guys are too cute! more pics like this, s'il vous plait. That's french for "youre awesome."