Wednesday, October 27, 2010

yogurt and sandwiches

Tonight was epic on soooo many levels. No i didn't find the cure for cancer nor did I save a woman from a raging fire. All a friend and I realized was the true meaning of happiness. yes i said happiness. Its merely allowing yourself to NOT be "normal' and letting others live and breathe their own lives. I've come a long way in these short 25 years of living but i expect to never be the same person i was the day before.  because in reality who am i to tell you what to believe in or who to love. who am i to question where the fuck you've been for the past 3 days. who am i to relinquish my pain and anger on you. who am i to try to make you into the person i 'think' you should be.

in actuality who i am is john. and please trust me when i say i will never be your everyday vanilla milkshake. im the fucked up, twisted mess with gummy bears, granola bars, chocolate, caramel, and oreos in between (thanks bre). one which looks utterly disgusting at first but at least wakes you the fuck up. i will love like no one else has loved and fight like no one else has fought. but i will never apologize for who i am nor do so for my friends. WE are who were meant to be. free individuals who will make fun of you for not being true to yourself.

Shoes wearing: vintage beat up boots

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